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Notarization is an essential measure against fraud and identity theft. Every year, more than 1.25 billion documents are notarized in the United States alone. Alianza Hispana Inc. offers official notary services from certified professionals who are highly capable of facilitating signing processes.

Verifiable Fraud Protection

What is the purpose of notarization?

The primary purpose of notarization is to validate the signing of legal documents. Our certified notary public can perform the initial vetting of signees, oversee the signing process, and keep a verifiable record of any notary services. Most importantly, notarization dissuades malicious agendas held by identity thieves and other exploitative individuals. 

Fulfilling your needs is our priority, which is why we create customized plans for every client and guarantee 100% accuracy. Our professional expertise ensures maximum rewards and money saved.

Certified Notary Professionals

In legal transactions among unaffiliated parties, notarization also helps build trust. Our notary publics are unbiased and diligent to ensure satisfaction across all involved parties. Contact us today to learn more about our notarization services in Wheeling, Elgin, Round Lake Heights, and Hanover Park!

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